International Screen Industries Consortium (ISICon)

In December 2016, Deb Verhoeven (kinomatics) and Skadi Loist established an international network of screen industry researchers and organisations to analyse the relative position of women in film industries across the globe.

ISICon has three major objectives:

  1. To enable researchers to undertake meaningful comparative studies of different screen industry jurisdictions (or territories)
  2. To assess the impact of different policy mechanisms across those jurisdictions and to establish an international evidence base for policymakers looking to improve equity in screen industries
  3. To apply new digital research techniques such as Social Network Analysis to understand how different jurisdictions overlap and to assess the impact of gendered creative networks on the screen industries at international scale

The network comprises of individual and organisational members from eleven film industries (with more to follow) covering the vast majority of screen production centres around the world. Currently included are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States.

This international network brings together existing studies on local and regional data for the first time and tackles methodological challenges for assessing local differences and global similarities in data-driven studies.